• Emperor Opus XII Legendary Foil

When The Emperor enters the field, if you have 2 or more Card Name The Emperor in your Break Zone, your opponent discards 1 card from their hand.
When The Emperor is put from the field into the Break Zone, you may search for 1 Card Name The Emperor and put it into the Break Zone. If you do so, play The Emperor from your Break Zone onto the field dull at the end of the turn.
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What is used condition?

Used condition means the item has been opened but it still functioning like new. We have a grading system in place to help gauge if you want the item based on its condition. As time allows, we will be able to put actual photos with the product of what you will get, but for the mean time, please feel free to reach out for specific condition pictures at the following email: info@8bitkitty.com.

Please see condition information below-

Brand new-Item is like new from the store, factory seal, disc can be loose but unharmed.
Brand New *Damaged*- Item is still sealed, but has received damage in transit. If you are a sealed collectors please reach out for condition pictures.
Like New- Condition is opened but like new, game may not of been played, but condition is almost flawless
Very Good- Game is very playable, may have slight minor scratches that do not effect gameplay, clean manual and cartridge or disk, shelf wear present and minor flaws.
Good- Game plays fine, may have some scratches on disc that do not effect gameplay, game maybe have damaged manual or box, sharpie on packaging etc.
Acceptable-Condition is considered poor and not collector quality, damaged box or inserts, damaged cartridge that still works.
Poor-For parts only, not working or very poorly working, no returns on items marked poor, sold as is.

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Emperor Opus XII Legendary Foil

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